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Is Your Pool Leaking?

The tough question pool owners face every day is, “Is the pool leaking?”

The first feeling pool owners express is DENIAL that their pool is leaking.  It’s been warm outside, we haven’t had any rain.  The kids have been playing in the pool – certainly they’re splashing the water out!

Then the first $200 water bill comes in.  Maybe it takes a few months to admit that the pool might have an issue.  So, how can you easily tell if you’re pool is really leaking and have it repaired quickly?

First… check your backyard for elephants.  If there are no elephants draining your pool at night, the water is going somewhere!  Typically a pool can loose anywhere from 1/8″ to 1/4″ a night.  This measurement is based on several variables: amount of pump running time, waterfall and water features, if you’re running your heater or not.  All of those features can add up to quite a bit of water loss.

If you’re not running multiple waterfalls or hoarding elephants in your backyard, you probably have a leak if you are loosing more than 1/4″ a day.  Don’t panic!  Most leaks are detected and easily repaired the same day as the detection.  Your pool should NEVER be drained to repair a leak.  Call an expert leak detective.  There are many companies out there that call themselves ‘leak detection’ companies; however, it often takes more than just a bottle of dye to locate a leak.

Yes, most repairs are completed with epoxy.  It proves to be the best underwater material available.  Take the guess work out of the repair and call an expert!  Make sure that the leak detective you contact includes their repairs in the original diagnostic fee.  Often times, repairs are invisible.  If you are paying ‘per repair’… but can’t see them – why pay?  These companies will charge less up front for them to come out, but then find many places that need “repair”.

Be smart in your home ownership and contact a reputable company from the beginning.  Make sure that their main business is leak detection and that they are a full-time company.  Protect yourself, your pool and your family.  Swim well!

How to keep water in your pool

Swimming pools are fun!  They add beauty to your home, add to your re-sale value and creates hours of enjoyment for your family.  But what happens when they begin to have problems?  What happens when it starts leaking?  That’s when you call us!

Before that happens, what can you do to help keep the water in your pool?  One of the easiest ways to keep your pool full is to keep the chemicals properly balanced.  A balanced pool will extend the life of the plumbing, the marcite or PebbleTec and equipment.

Start by maintaining the pool water year-round.  Don’t let it become unbalanced just because you’re not using it and your pool will thank you!